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Gym: Rules and Regulations

§1 The condition for using the gym is to read the following rules and comply with them.

§2 Users of the equipment at the gym do exercises on their own responsibility.

§3 It is forbidden to:
- bring glass packaging
- stay in the gym after drinking alcohol
- bring alcoholic beverages
- stay in the gym barefoot or in flip-flops
- stay in the gym in a swimsuit
- smoke
- stay for children under the age of 14without adult supervision
- perform sitting and lying exercises on devices with a backrest without a towel
- cause situations that endanger the safety of other people

§4 In case of health problems, one should consult a sports doctor before exercising.

§5 Use a sweat towel and training clothing (including footwear). During the training, each participant should close his outer clothing in the locker. In case of theft, we do not answer for the things left outside the locker.

§6 Exercises with free weights (dumbbells, barbells or exercises with the use of a large load) can only be used with assistance of at least one person.

§7 On the atlas, one should practice individually.

§8 Choose the load on the bicycle individually.

§9 When using barbell, there must be two people standing sideways to help if necessary and put a barbell on the stands. On both sides of the bar, there must be locks to prevent the plates from slipping in case of accidental tilting of the bar. An absolute ban on lifting the barbell above your head while standing. The lack of a bridge does not allow this exercise. It is dangerous for both the one who practice and for other users of the gym.

§10 When using dumbbells, it is necessary to check the clamping force of the blocks in order to prevent the weights from falling on the toes (to prevent crushing).

§11 Weights must be put in their proper place when finished.